(myopinion.deltaco.com) The MyOpinion Del Taco Survey for Customer Feedback and Rewards

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Del Taco, a well-known fast-food restaurant chain renowned for its delicious Mexican cuisine in the United States, has created an online survey platform called the MyOpinion Del Taco Survey. This platform empowers customers to share their experiences and provide valuable feedback to uphold the company's exceptional standards. In this article, we will present comprehensive details about the MyOpinion Del Taco Survey, including its rewards, survey requirements, where to access it, and the official website. Additionally, we will discuss the company's ongoing endeavors to enhance customer satisfaction.

About the MyOpinion Del Taco Survey:

The MyOpinion Del Taco Survey functions as an online feedback platform where customers can express their thoughts, reviews, and feedback regarding their recent visits to Del Taco. To participate, simply visit myopinion.deltaco.com and rate your satisfaction levels concerning food quality, prices, staff, environment, and cleanliness. The primary goal of this survey is to improve customer satisfaction by incorporating valuable feedback from participants.

Rewards and Benefits:

Upon completing the MyOpinion Del Taco Survey, customers will receive Del Taco coupon codes. These codes can be used during their next visit to avail a discount of $1 on a purchase of $3 or more. Please note that customers are limited to using one coupon per month, and it will expire 60 days after the receipt date. The coupon cannot be combined with any other offers or deals.

Survey Requirements:

To participate in the MyOpinion Del Taco Survey, customers must meet the following criteria: they must legally reside in the United States and be at least 18 years old. The survey is available exclusively online, and participants must possess a valid receipt containing a 15-digit survey code. Employees of Del Taco are not eligible to use the coupon code.

Where to Use:

Customers can redeem their Del Taco coupon codes on their subsequent visit to any Del Taco restaurant across the United States. The coupon is applicable for purchases of $3 or more and can only be utilized once per month. It cannot be combined with any other offers or deals.

Official Website:

Customers can access the latest menu items, promotions, and deals on the official Del Taco website, available at http://deltaco.com. For any inquiries or assistance, Del Taco's customer service can be contacted at 1 (800) 852-7204. Alternatively, customers can visit Del Taco LLC at 25521 Commercentre Drive, Lake Forest, California 92360.


Del Taco is committed to providing high-quality food and exceptional customer service. The MyOpinion Del Taco Survey offers customers a valuable platform to voice their opinions and contribute to the improvement of Del Taco's services. Participating in the survey offers rewards and benefits, serving as an incentive for customers to provide genuine feedback. By utilizing the coupon code during their next visit to any Del Taco restaurant, customers can enjoy a discount on their purchase. Overall, Del Taco's dedication to enhancing customer satisfaction through initiatives like the MyOpinion Del Taco Survey reflects its determination to deliver an outstanding experience to its valued customers.