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About Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen (DQ) is a renowned ice cream chain with a strong commitment to quality and excellence. It is under the ownership of the esteemed Berkshire Hathaway and has its headquarters in Edina, Minnesota. With an annual revenue exceeding $2 billion, DQ has gained immense popularity since its establishment during the 1940s in Illinois. Today, it boasts thousands of branches across the United States and around the world.


The Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey, available at www.dqfanfeedback.com, is an opportunity for customers to share their feedback and suggestions. DQ values customer opinions and continuously strives to improve its services based on the responses received. By participating in the survey, customers will be rewarded with a Free Dilly Bar on their next visit as a token of appreciation.

Survey Requirements:

To take part in the Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey, participants will need the following:

  • An electronic device with internet access for browsing the survey website.
  • A few minutes of time to complete the survey.
  • A stable internet connection.
  • A recent receipt from Dairy Queen containing the survey code.
  • Proficiency in one of the offered languages: English, Spanish, or French.

How to Take the Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  1. Visit the survey website at www.dqfanfeedback.com.
  2. Enter the phone number located on your Dairy Queen receipt.
  3. Provide the date and time of your visit.
  4. Choose your preferred language (English, Spanish, or French) and click START.
  5. Indicate the type of order you placed (carry out or dine in).
  6. Check the boxes corresponding to the items you ordered.
  7. Rate your satisfaction with various aspects of the restaurant, including the menu, staff, ordering system, premises, food quality, overall value, and more.
  8. Share any issues encountered during your visit.
  9. Express the likelihood of recommending DQ to others and returning within 30 days.
  10. Answer a few Yes/No questions and rate your agreement with specific statements.
  11. Provide details about your recent visits to DQ and your primary reason for choosing the restaurant.
  12. Complete the classification questions and receive your validation code.

Where to Use the Reward:

Upon completing the survey, customers will receive a validation code. This code can be used to redeem the reward, a Free Dilly Bar, on their next visit to any Dairy Queen location.


Dairy Queen's commitment to excellence is evident through its Customer Satisfaction Survey. By participating in this survey, customers not only help DQ in its continuous improvement efforts but also receive a delicious reward as a gesture of gratitude. Share your feedback, enjoy a Free Dilly Bar, and be a part of Dairy Queen's journey towards providing exceptional ice cream experiences worldwide.


Source Links:

Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oxbbOBZftk

Dairy Queen Official Website: https://www.dairyqueen.com/