(www.tellrexall.ca) Tell Rexall Survey - Customer Satisfaction Survey at Rexall Pharmacy

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About the Topic:

Rexall Pharmacy offers an online customer satisfaction survey called Tell Rexall Survey, available at its official website www.TellRexall.ca. By participating in the survey, customers can provide feedback about their experience, helping Rexall to improve its offerings. This article discusses the rewards, survey requirements, and where to use the Rexall coupons earned from the survey. Additionally, it provides details about the official website, location, and contact information of Rexall Pharmacy.


Customers who complete the survey are eligible to enter a draw where they can win Rexall coupons. The winners can receive a $1000 cash prize and a 5% discount on their next purchase.

Survey Requirements:

The survey is open to residents of Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, or the Republic of Korea who are at least 18 years old. To participate, customers need a laptop, computer, or smartphone with internet access. Participants should keep their receipt to claim the discount, and each redemption coupon is valid for only one individual.

Where to Use:

Customers can use the coupons earned from the survey to receive discounts on their next purchase at any Rexall Pharmacy store. The offer is valid only during holidays, and transfer of prizes is not allowed.

Official Website:

To access the Rexall Customer Survey, please visit the official website at www.TellRexall.ca. This platform allows customers to participate in the survey and share their valuable feedback. Additionally, the website provides comprehensive information regarding the survey rules and regulations.

Rexall Store Locator:

To find the nearest Rexall Pharmacy location, customers can conveniently utilize the "Store Locator" option available on the website.

Rexall Contact Information:

Customers can get in touch with Rexall Pharmacy by calling 1-877-378-4100 or by visiting the website www.tellrexall.ca.


The Tell Rexall Survey presents an excellent opportunity for customers to express their experiences with the pharmacy while earning rewards in the process. Participating in the survey is straightforward, as it can be completed online through the official website. Moreover, customers can utilize the coupons obtained from the survey at any Rexall Pharmacy store during the holiday season. Rexall Pharmacy remains dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to its customers, and the survey serves as a valuable tool for enhancing their offerings.